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19 октября 2017, 03:33

Carvon EXO Affordable 38mph Electric Skateboard

Carvon EXO Affordable Electric Skateboard

Carvon Skates have created a new electric skateboard which is both affordable and powerful thanks to the inclusion of the company’s innovative in-line dual-direct drive motors.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the electric skateboard which is capable of reaching speeds of 38 mph thanks to its new design which has been relaunched via Indiegogo this week and is available to back with earlybird pledges starting from $749 offering a 31% saving off the recommended retail price.

The CARVON EXO is an affordable, comfortable, durable, and easy-to-ride Electric Skateboard/Longboard. The EXO is designed to be a commuter board with powerful CARVON V4 TorqueDrive motors, big 97mm wheels, a lowered dropthrough deck and a swappable battery pack system that can take you very far. If you like the ride of Electric Skateboards/Longboards with hub or in-wheel motors but wish they have “more urethane”, then you are going to love the CARVON EXO. Pledge one today and get your carve ON!

The CARVON EXO can now be equipped with 100mm MBS All-Terrain Longboard wheels (optional). This means you can ride your EXO on dirt and have some drifting and sliding fun. Having choices on which wheels to use is a great and exclusive feature of the Direct-Drive EXO. It is truly a versatile machine. CARVON has been at the forefront of the Electric Skateboard and Longboard revolution.

We are skaters first and foremost, then technology-innovators second. Since 2015, our Hub Motors kit have long been popular with the Electric Skateboard DIY crowd, like the A2ESK8 Squad pictured above. We have a lot of positive feedbacks from the internet forums. Our CARVON EVO with our exclusive Dual Inline Direct-Drive V4 SpeedDrive motors, pictured above, is the fastest production board. Below is a video from Youtuber Esk8 Vegas reaching 38 mph on it.

Source: Indiegogo

Источник: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/geeky-gadgets/~3/vW4Br0xXqtU/